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How to invest in Mutual Fund
Step One - Identify your Investment needs
Your financial goals will vary, based on your age, lifestyle, financial independence, family commitments, and level of income and expenses among many other factors. Therefore, the first step is to assess your needs.You can begin by defining your investment objectives and needs which could be regular income, buying a home or finance a wedding or educate your children or a combination of all these needs, the quantum of risk you are willing to take and your cash flow requirements.

Step Two - Choose the right Mutual Fund
The important thing is to choose the right mutual fund scheme which suits your requirements. The offer document of the scheme tells you its objectives and provides supplementary details like the track record of other schemes managed by the same Fund Manager. Some factors to evaluate before choosing a particular Mutual Fund are the track record of the performance of the fund over the last few years in relation to the appropriate yardstick and similar funds in the same category. Other factors could be the portfolio allocation, the dividend yield and the degree of transparency as reflected in the frequency and quality of their communications. For selecting the right scheme as per your specific requirements, click here.

Step Three - Select the ideal mix of Schemes
Investing in just one Mutual Fund scheme may not meet all your investment needs. You may consider investing in a combination of schemes to achieve your specific goals.

Step Four - Invest regularly
The best approach is to invest a fixed amount at specific intervals, say every month. By investing a fixed sum each month, you buy fewer units when the price is higher and more units when the price is low, thus bringing down your average cost per unit. This is called rupee cost averaging and is a disciplined investment strategy followed by investors all over the world. You can also avail the systematic investment plan facility offered by many open end funds.

Step Five- Start early
It is desirable to start investing early and stick to a regular investment plan. If you start now, you will make more than if you wait and invest later. The power of compounding lets you earn income on income and your money multiplies at a compounded rate of return.

Step Six - The final step
All you need to do now is to Click here for online application forms of various mutual fund schemes and start investing. You may reap the rewards in the years to come. Mutual Funds are suitable for every kind of investor - whether starting a career or retiring, conservative or risk taking, growth oriented or income seeking.

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