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Change in Guardian Forms
For registration of the new guardian, when there is a change in guardian either due to mutual consent or demise of existing guardian, necessary documents as applicable from time to time would be required to be submitted, as per the procedure sought by the AMC.
  • Request letter from the new guardian, ยท No Objection Letter (NoC) or Consent Letter from existing guardian or Court Order for new guardian, in case the existing guardian is alive.
  • Notarized copy or attested copy of the Death Certificate of the deceased guardian, where applicable. The attestation may also be done by a special executive magistrate, AMC authorised official or manager of a scheduled bank.
  • The new guardian must be a natural guardian (i.e. father or mother) or a court appointed legal guardian.
  • AMCs will mandatorily obtain information on the relationship/status of the guardian as father, mother or legal guardian in the application form.
    • In case of natural guardian, AMC will obtain a document evidencing the relationship if the same is not available as part of the documents submitted
    • In case of court appointed legal guardian, supporting documentary evidence will be obtained
  • Bank attestation attesting the signature of the new guardian in a bank account of the minor where the new guardian is registered as the guardian. 
  • KYC of the new guardian.

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