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Debt Portfolio

Portfolio as on 31-12-2009
Name of the Scheme: Sahara Interval Fund Quarterly Plan Sr.1
Sr. No. Name of the Instrument Market Value
(in Rs. lakh)
% to Net Assets of the scheme
A Bonds & Debentures of :    
(I) Private Corporate Bodies Nil  
(II) PSUs Nil  
(III) Banks/FI (including NBFC) Nil  
(IV) Others Nil  
  Sub Total (A=I+II+III+IV)    
B Securitised Debt Instruments    
(V) Single Loan Nil  
(VI) Pool Nil  
  Sub Total (B=V+VI)    
C Money Market Instruments    
(VII) CPs 4.87 13.83%
(VIII) CDs 24.78 70.33%
(IX) T Bills Nil  
(X) CBLOs/Repos 5.58 15.84%
(XI) Bills Rediscounting/BRDS Nil  
(XII) Others Nil  
  Sub Total (C=VII+VIII+IX+X+XI+XII)    
D Government Securities Nil  
E Fixed Deposits Nil  
F Cash and Net Current Assets Nil  
G Others (Pls specify) Nil  
  Net Assets (A+B+C+D+E+F+G) 35.23 100%
Any downgrading of securities after the last disclosure may be disclosed by way of notes.
* For items A - E issuer wise details may be given as per the Annexure by providing a link

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