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HUF, being a Hindu Undivided Family, the property of the family is managed by the Karta and HUF does not come to an end in the event of death of the Karta. In such a case, the members of the HUF will appoint the new Karta who needs to submit following documents for transmission:
  • Letter Requesting for change of Karta,
  • Death Certificate in original or photocopy duly notarized or attested by gazette officer or a bank manager,
  • Duly certified Bank certificate stating that the signature and details of new Karta have been appended in the bank account of the HUF - Annexure I
  • KYC of the new Karta and KYC of HUF, if not already available.
  • Indemnity bond signed by all the surviving coparceners and new Karta - Annexure II.
  • In case of no surviving co-parceners AND the transmission amount is Rs One Lakh or more OR where there is an objection from any surviving members of the HUF, transmission should be effected only on the basis of any of the following mandatory documents:
    • Notarized copy of Settlement Deed, or
    • Notarized copy of Deed of Partition, or
    • Notarized copy of Decree of the relevant competent Court

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