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Sahara Wealth Plus Fund
At Sahara Mutual Fund we truly practice the term ‘mutual'. For the first time ever in India, we are proud to launch a 'Variable AMC Fee' wherein the fee is linked with the funds' performance. For us 'Mutual' is not merely a financial word before fund,

It is the concept that drives our business...this is what makes us 'Sach Mein Mutual’!
Variable Pricing Option
At Sahara Mutual Fund, we take the onus for our performance by linking it to the fee we earn. It is about building a long term relationship. One in which we remain 'Mutually Yours' over the years. That's why we offer the Variable Pricing Option.
How the Variable Pricing Option works
Under the Variable Pricing Option, the AMC fee earned depends on the scheme's daily performance. The two conditions being considered for charging Investment Management & Advisory fees are :

   (i) Net portfolio return (NPR) > Benchmark Return
   (ii) Net Portfolio Return (NPR) > 0 The fees are charged accordingly, on the basis of whether at least one of the two conditions is met.

Where Net Portfolio Return( NPR) = Gross Portfolio Return(GPR) - Third Party expense

   (a) If NPR < Benchmark AND NPR < 0 IMA fees = zero
   (b) if either NPR > Benchmark OR NPR > 0 Actual IMA fees = ½ of maximum permissible IMA fees
   (c) if both NPR > Benchmark AND NPR > 0 Actual IMA fees = maximum permissible IMA fees

IMA= Investment Management and Advisory fees.

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